Noreen Turner Photography

Best Family Photographer in South Jersey

If you are looking for the best family photographer in South Jersey, look no further than Noreen Turner Photography. Her studio is located in Riverton, NJ which is very close to major highways, bridges and Philadelphia. The studio offers a clean and simple backdrop for photos with the emphasis being placed on family, emotion, laughter, and your personalities. After the studio portion is done and if weather is ok, Noreen loves to take her clients to the Delaware River and the Riverton Yacht club for some pictures outside. Along the walk to the river there are also some great spots to photograph throughout the town. This photo was from a family portrait session that combined the studio with the natural elements of the river. I love the bright and gorgeous colors they chose to wear and how they perfectly complements the bright and joyous smiles from mom, dad, and their little guy. During my family sessions I always tell everyone to play together. I don't usually instruct anything further than that, except maybe where to sit so we can get the best light. I love seeing each family's interpretation of play and what makes their kids laugh. Sometimes mom and dad automatically start tickling, sometimes they lift their babies up high in the air, they fake sneeze, play peek-a-boo - whatever it takes! But I love that it never takes much to make everyone smile. Moms and dads know exactly what works on their kids and that's why I step back and let them do their own thing! 

Location: 531 Main Street, Riverton, NJ 08077.