Noreen Turner Photography

Bride and Groom Philadelphia City Hall Photo

Taking the Cliff Mautner workshop a few years ago transformed my photography and my way of thinking. There are many things that contributed to my style of photography and things that continue to shape the way I photograph people but this workshop taught me the most and continues to be my guide in all of my work. I don't believe that my work closely resembles Cliff's dramatic style but I learned so much about light and where to find it, or more importantly, how to use strong sunlight. I love this photo from the workshop because city hall is one of my favorite locations to work in Philadelphia for many reasons and this is when I learned how to use the light around me even if I'm in a random dark corridor of the building. Photographers can capture so many different photos and styles in this one location just by rotating their subjects and themselves. I have been able to photograph couples and groups with a clean style and no shadows, and then bring them into the hallways further and capture dramatic portraits with perfect shadows and textures. As a Philadelphia wedding photographer there is also added value in having a space for photos that is covered in case of rain, and that does not require a permit.

Location: 1401 J F K Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19107.