Noreen Turner Photography

Hindu bride in her lehenga

I learned quickly while photographing my first Indian wedding that it isn't always possible to photograph the bride in her lehenga prior to the ceremony or afterwards with her groom. The morning leading up the ceremony is very busy and we were crunched for time as I'm sure most photographers are. Luckily the bride was ok with me taking 5 minutes to take some portraits of her in her lehenga prior to her traditional Hindu ceremony at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown Philadelphia. We could here the drum beat from the dohl as I rushed to get her portraits done. She wanted to head down to the windows by the ballroom to get a glimpse of the celebration that was underway. I was also very happy that after the ceremony and after a break for lunch, we were able to photography the bride and groom in their traditional Hindu wedding attire. We walked from the Courtyard Marriott just over to City Hall for a few portraits of the bridal party and the bride and groom together. Understandably, the happy couple was pretty tired at this point from a busy morning, long ceremony, and lunch with family and friends so we didn't spend much time on portraits. We were able to go out again for portraits after the bride changed into her sari for the reception.

Location: 21 N Juniper St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.