Family and Children Gallery

Lifestyle family photography Riverton New Jersey

This lifestyle family photography session turned out to be my favorite session from 2017. We started at my studio in Riverton New Jersey to take photos in celebration of a first birthday! After that we really wanted some playful family photos so we took a short ride to the riverfront right near the Riverton Yacht Club. From there we just let the kids play, smell the flowers growing in a small garden along the water, and watch the tide come in. There were a lot of fun memories made this evening but this one is my favorite. These two little ones playing and rolling around in the grass with their big smiles just means everything when it comes to photographing kids. I made it a point to stop directing and posing so much when it comes to photographing kids. I really want to capture their true personalities. I want viewers to almost hear the laughter when they see these photos. I want parents to remember exactly how it felt to watch their kids play and have a great time. Portraits are gorgeous but serve a different purpose. Having a conversation with your photographer prior to booking will help you both understand the difference between lifestyle and portrait and will help you get the end result you have been dreaming of.

Location: Riverton, NJ.