Family and Children Gallery

Lovely Family Photo Session in Longwood Gardens

Before I had my Riverton, NJ portrait studio, finding an indoor location for portrait sessions in the winter time was very difficult. Longwood Gardens is an amazing choice for portrait sessions. Their conservatory is warm and dry and can be used in any season. There are also so many spots inside that photographers always shoot it differently so there isn't much risk to having the same photos as other families. I'm always worried about using locations that are popular photography spots because I want my photos to look different. I usually overcome this issue by focusing on more of a lifestyle session and making more candid photos than portraits that incorporate the background. Of course Longwood Gardens provides a beautiful backdrop to work with however, when you are photographing a family and their connection, the backdrop almost never matters. I loved working with this sweet family and just watching how they played with their son who at the time, was just about to be a big brother. The connection they all have was so genuine and loving. That is what makes a great photograph - The candid sweet moments for which you are almost never planned but happen at each session. Great photographers will anticipate these moments and prepare for them. And they usually end up being the greatest photos in the galleries. 

Location: 1001 Longwood Road, Kennett Square, PA 19348.