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South Jersey Dance Photographer

I never considered photographing dance studios or sports until I was approached by a local business owner. She said I had full reign regarding how I wanted to photograph the dancers so I agreed. Last year was my third year with the dance school and I love doing it. It is a welcome change to the usual families, newborns and wedding portraits while also adding my love of sparkly, girly details. Every year I try to make more and more beautiful portraits for this school. This photo of three of the top ballerinas is one of my favorites. The dark purple tutues against the solid white backdrop create a welcome contract. The crossed back on the outfits also create nice lines. I love contrast in my photos. If the backdrop is white, I prefer darkar outfits on my subjects. If I have a dark background, it balances nicely with highlights and skin tones. The dance studio has a perfect garage window that allows for the perfect dramatic natural light that falls stunningly on its subject. The room is large enough for me to setup a backdrop and lighting. The combination of the two areas allow me to provide dance parents with the clean white backdrop photos, with the dramatic darker portraits. 

Location: Riverton, NJ.