Family and Children Gallery

South Jersey first birthday portrait photographer

Not every first birthday photography session needs to be all cake. The cake smash parts are definitely fun but there is something to be said about having some adorable portraits of the family and the birthday boy or girl that can be treated as heirlooms. In my opinion, while I love a good cake smash, the portraits are always the winners in terms of what photos get to go up on the walls. With every first birthday session that we do we always include mom, dad and any family members that come along to be in the photos. I also love capturing a few simple photos of the baby. This portrait is definitely one of my favorites. I love a clean white background and neutrals so the fact that this light brown teddy bear matches so well to my floors and the little boys pants / overalls combination is just perfection. The simple colors also let the birthday boys' perfect blue eyes just pop. Out of the entire gallery this photo was my favorite. Mom and Dad took his photo with this bear every month for his first year and I loved being able to cap off this milestone with a gorgeous image of a sweet boy and his childhood teddy bear.

Location: 531 Main Street, Riverton, NJ 08077.