Family and Children Gallery

Studio kids portraits in South Jersey

First birthdays are a great reason to have updated family photos taken. Your child has changed so much throughout their first year and no doubt you as parents have changed as well. I love photographing kids on their first birthdays along with their parents, to celebrate this milestone. In the studio we usually do simple portraits of the family together. I love to take a few traditional photos first because the kids are usually still well-behaved and attentive early in the session. After the traditional photos are out of the way I start having mom and dad interact with the kids and making them laugh. Then we focus on the kids themselves. In this case the birthday girl has an older brother so while we did photograph the new toddler on her own, her brother still joined in on some of the photos as well. These two were the happiest kids and made shooting this session a breeze! After the studio photos were done we went to river to hang out by the Riverton Yacht Club. This family lives in the area so photos at the yacht club are especially meaningful to them. For the outdoor photos I just let the family play together while I stood back and made the photos. Then towards the end of the session I had the family huddle close together again for a few more playful and candid photos.

Location: 531 Main Street, Riverton, NJ 08077.