Maternity Gallery

Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Portrait

Noreen Turner photography captured this maternity portrait and family photo at the Riverton yacht club along the Delaware River in South Jersey. The yacht club and riverfront are both just a short walk away from Noreen Turner Photography's studio. Most maternity and family sessions that take place in the studio start inside where we do a few traditional portraits. After portraits are done we often take a walk through Riverton, NJ and take photos along the way to the river. Along the riverfront I love capturing the sunset and yacht club. Sometimes the river is just a nice backdrop but for my local couples it means so much more. The river and the yacht club are a strong part of the town where sailboat races are held every Wednesday and families come here to walk or ride bikes or just enjoy a gorgeous sunset. Taking photos at locations that mean something to my families is important to me. I love making the family photos just a little more sentimental by going to a location that is important to the family being photographed. A photo isn't always just about finding a nice backdrop. You want to be able to feel something when you see the final photo.

Location: 805 N Broom St, Wilmington, DE 19806.