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Best Lifestyle Newborn Photographer South Jersey

Noreen Turner Photography was voted the best lifestyle newborn photographer in South Jersey in 2015. This photo predates the award and was taken in 2013 of my two little boys. Our family has grown since then and we welcomed another little boy in 2015 but this photo still remains as a focal point in our home. Since this photo was taken all three of my children has worn this striped shirt which has now been retired. It is amazing to look back sometimes and see just how much they have grown and how quickly! I like to live my life in equal parts of looking forward and also remembering the good times that we had. I agree with the cliche that kids just grow up so fast! It is sad in some ways but I like to think that there is good reason behind the growth in those early years. How many parents could really endure an endless childhood anyway? I know I am exhausted and while I try to cling to moments like this in the photo, it is just too tiring to handle more of these years than necessary. As a lifestyle newborn photographer in South Jersey and Philadelphia, I love capturing these fleeting moments of childhood and precious tiny newborn lives.

Location: Palmyra, NJ.