Newborn Gallery

Dad and newborn in Riverton NJ Photo studio

The decision to focus on lifestyle newborn sessions rather than posed was tricky. I remember as a new photographer I really resonated with the posed newborn photost that I had been seeing. I was never big on a ton of props and instead tried to keep things simple, with the emphasis being on the new baby. I loved the cozy little poses but I noticed a change in my work in the past year or so. I really loved the moments where I photographed families together and mom with her new baby more so that I loved posing a newborn. And I felt that my photos where you could get a sense for how tiny these babies really are, where dad is holding them in his big arms, are my most favorite. This photo of dad and his newborn baby girl in my Riverton NJ photo studio is one of my favorite lifestyle newborn photos. This session was geared towards mom, dad and baby. Since she was so sleepy at the end of the session we also did a few of her alone. I now follow this structure with all of my newborn sessions. Photos of the babies are loosely posed, laying naturally, or swaddled. 

Location: Riverton, NJ.