Newborn Gallery

Family and Infant Portraits in Riverton New Jersey

Taking family photos just after the arrival of a new baby is one of my favorite things to do in the studio. While I love the look of a perfectly posed newborn on a soft blanket, families interacting and showing emotion is where it's at! Bonus points given for adorable siblings that give nose "boops" to dad. Extra bonus points given for perfectly color coordinated family. I know some families are not sure of how they will feel or look having to get dressed and leave their home for newborn photos but I have found that getting out for a little bit while putting on some makeup and looking nice again is so beneficial to new moms. It helps them feel like themselves again after an experience that leaves women feeling pretty bad about their appearance. Not only is this a great way to start feeling normal again but it is a safe way to get out and enjoy the day for a bit. The studio is kept clean and we provide extra diapers and wipes for babies and toys for older siblings. We have everything families need in order to hang out for awhile so that we can capture these new memories. 

Location: 531 Main Street, Riverton, NJ 08077.