Newborn Gallery

Lifestyle Baby Photography in New Jersey

Photographing newborns with older siblings can be difficult but most often when I can have mom and the sibling interacting with the new baby, the photos turn out great. More often than not, trying to pose a newborn with a sibling who might only be two or three years old does not work out. You have to be fast and ready with bribes to  capture good photos. When those photos don't happen you can have mom or dad join in  the photos so that the big brother or sister doesn't realize that you are even capturing the moments unfolding. As a lifestyle baby photographer in South Jersey I love photographing families at this exciting new phase in their lives. I can do these photos in my studio along with a combination of posed newborn photos,  or I can photograph families in their own homes where they feel most comfortable. Clients can determine for themselves which look they would rather have for when they choose art for their walls. The studio offers a clean white and neutral color palette to work with and works with the decor of most homes. The lighting is also very clean which is something that many homes don't have. A large storefront window provides gorgeous natural light to work with in the studio.

Location: 531 Main Street, Riverton, NJ 08077.