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New Jersey Infant Photography

Getting a newborn to smile for his or her photo session is no easy feat! Really, it's just luck because babies don't smile on command. Unfortunately I haven't been that lucky and most of the smiley photos that I have were always a bit blurry or out of focus. This beauty was kind of enough to smile while I was already taking her photos! I love how calm and peaceful she looks while letting out the tiniest little smile. New Jersey infant photography is just one of the things in which Noreen Turner Photography studio specializes. We love all of the sweet, squishy babies that come through the door! Opting for a studio newborn session instead of an in-home session can be very beneficial to families and especially the photographers. It all depends on the look you want for your photos. If you want aspects of your home incorporated in your photos that by all means, an in-home session is for you. However, if you want even light and posed photos than the studio would be best. Our studio has lighting, props, and posing setups that we can't take with us to clients' homes. Both types of sessions lend themselves to different lighting, style and different pros and cons. Be sure to research the style that interests you and you can always reach out to photographers with any questions.

Location: 531 Main Street, Riverton, NJ 08077.