Newborn Gallery

Philadelphia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This session was one of the most special sessions that I have ever photographed. Mom and dad came to me for maternity photos. They wanted to document as much as they possibly could since their unborn baby girl was going to be born with a rare heart condition. No one really knew what would happen when she was born, how she would be growing up, or how long she will actually be a part of this world. After the maternity session I told mom and dad to call me when they had some time because I would love to come back and photograph their miracle. About 3 months after she entered our world I was fortunate enough to go to their home, meet their entire family, and create beautiful images for them to all remember. This image is my favorite from the session. I love the light on mom's face and how she is looking down so lovingly at her little miracle. I love that the feeding tube is still in so that the viewer knows this was not a typical session and that this family is going through something major. But the light is what really makes this photo. That touch of light makes you feel calm and that everything everything will work for this family. 

Location: Philadelphia, PA.