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Philadelphia lifestyle newborn photography

Lifestyle newborn photos is something that I didn't appreciate until recently. I guess when I had my own children I loved the cute styled photos where babies were posed and propped up and had cute hats and headbands. Now that my kids have grown up I have a new appreciated for the simple photos that I don't have too many of. I love photos of my babies where they are just babies. They aren't wearing anything distracting or posed in a way that isn't natural. I just want to be able to see their tiny fingers, toes, the white bumps on their noses, those tiny lips, and big bellies. Lifestyle photography is an amazing way to truly capture your family for what it is in a certain moment of your lives and is a way to see the true beauty in your life. This Philadelphia lifestyle newborn photography session was taken in the client's Fishtown home just a few weeks after the baby was born. All newborn sessions should take place fairly soon after the baby is born but with lifestyle sessions, it's ok to wait past the popular 10 day mark that is suggested for posed photos. This gives time for mom and dad to feel better about themselves before being photographed as well. But don't wait to long for your newborn sessions, babies change every day and you want to capture those tiny features before they start growing too fast!

Location: Philadelphia, PA.