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Philadelphia Lifestyle Newborn photos

This photo of dad and his new baby just melts my heart every time I look at it. Noreen Turner Photography provides lifestyle newborn photos in Philadelphia and other surrounding areas such as South Jersey and Bucks County. Lifestyle newborn photography is something that isn't right for everyone. Some families are more interested in the posed newborn photos. Some are more interested in the lifestyle photography which allows for natural photos, commonly taken in the family's home. I love the candid aspect of the photos and the fact that mom and dad are both in them. Many times once the baby arrives he or she becomes the main subject which is normal, but mom and dad aren't photographed as much anymore. If you are hiring a photographer and paying good money for photos, make sure the entire family is in them. Someday you will want photos that show what you looked like those many years ago. You will want the photos that show the joy and love in your heart during those early days of having a newborn. You will want to remember how tiny they were in your arms and how it felt to look down at them. You will crave those little white bumps on their nose and the funny hairline that they had. Lifestyle newborn sessions have taken up a new space in my heart lately. It seems that my photography seems to change right along with my time in life.

Location: Philadelphia, PA.