Newborn Gallery

South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Nothing makes me happier than beautifully clean and crisp photos that have a certain simplicity to them. These South Jersey lifestyle newborn photos were taken in my Riverton, NJ studio. The bare white walls combined with neutral furniture make the style behind in-studio sessions very simple and clean. This style also allows families to show up in whatever they would like to wear without having to worry about clashing with any of the props or setups. Although to be honest,I don't do much in terms of setups. I believe that less is definitely more. This simple newborn photo is very traditional and classic in its nature. Mom and dad are looking at each other while mom is holding her newborn baby boy. I think that what I love most about this photos is not just the fact that this family is welcoming their first child into the world but dad looks so genuinely happy, which is difficult to do when you are being photographed. The little baby just has the most adorable sleepy expression. And last, the colors in this photo pop thanks to how mom styled their outfits. I love the subtle pattern and the fact that the patterns are not overwhelming. Dad is wearing a solid shirt, the baby has a simple stripe swaddle, and mom has a floral print kimono. All of these patterns and colors work so nicely together that they don't distract from the baby or dad's expression. You don't notice the clothes first but after you look at the photo you realize how nicely they complement each other.

Location: Riverton, NJ.