Noreen Turner Photography

Riverton New Jersey Children's Photographer

You can't look at this picture and not smile! This curly haired cutie is just the happiest little boy and loved to clap his hands and play peek-a-book during his photo session. Along with his mom and dad we had a great portrait session in my Riverton, NJ studio. The whole family dressed up in colorful polo shirts and sperry shoes which brought a pop of color to the white studio walls. Afterwards everyone changed outfits and we walked to the Riverton Yacht Club for some more family photos along with river. It was a perfect summer session. Having a studio with such a great town nearby really provides a great balance of outdoor and indoor photos. As a children's photographer in New Jersey I try to always keep the scenery simple and focus on the expressions and playfulness of each child. I also like to give the kids room to run around, play and explore. Having fun is the trick to not only an enjoyable photo session but also great photos! When your children grow up they will have plenty of time for posed portraits. At this young age you want to remember their cute personalities and what makes them unique. 

Location: 531 Main Street, Riverton, NJ 08077.