Noreen Turner Photography

Spring Mill Manor Wedding in Bucks County

This photo of the bride and groom was taken at their Spring Mill Manor wedding in Bucks County Pennsylvania. The day was particularly dreary and  overcast unfortunately. I love sun and dramatic lighting even though the popular thought is that photographers love overcast days because of the soft light. I do agree that it is definitely easy to photograph on an overcast day because you  really don't need to worry about shadows however you also don't get drama or texture to your photos. Spring Mill Manor luckily provides a large covered driveway so we were able to take most of the photos there while being sheltered from the rain. When the rain cleared up we were able to take photos of the bridal party at another location nearby. The grounds at Spring Mill Manor are beautiful so we didn't need to go far from the main entrance in order to get gorgeous portraits of the bridal party. This wedding was taken the day after Thanksgiving and the country club was already decorated beautifully for Christmas. The photos outside had a nice little glimmer of twinkle lights in the background without being distracting. Spring Mill Manor provides a ceremony and reception space for brides and grooms as well as a separate area for cocktails. When the weather is nice couples can also get married outside. 

Location: 171 Jacksonville Rd, Ivyland, PA 18974.