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Engagement photography Batsto Village

This summer engagement photography session at Batsto Village was so much fun. The bride-and-groom to be were true adventurers and were up for pretty much anything including climbing trees, wading in the water and laying in the dirt. This photo is the least adventurous of them all but the reason I love it is because of the way the sun is going down behind the trees and hitting the couple just perfectly. They are just surrounded by a beautiful highlight that makes them pop against the darker trees in the background. Batsto Village was an excellent location for engagement photos and wedding photos as well. There are so many areas to work with. Some include architectural elements and others include nature and water. It is large enough so that photographers aren't getting in each others way and also large enough so that everyone had a unique perspective. I can't imagine too many locations here being over used. When the wedding finally rolled around our happy couple kept their adventurous side and they were up for anything on their wedding day. The heat was a bit extreme so we were forced to take some precautions but otherwise, their wedding photos turned out just as beautiful as the engagement photos.

Location: Hammonton, NJ .