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Romantic Beach Proposal First Kiss in Belmar NJ

I'm not a romantic person but even this proposal practically brought me to tears. The groom planned a beautiful proposal for his future fiance and even had it professionally photographed which is the icing on the cake. The groom-to-be prepared a handwritten note and hid it in an empty wine bottle from their first date. The gorgeous couple strolled along the beach searching for sea glass when the bride-to-be stumbled across a message in a bottle strategically half-buried in the sand by one sneak photographer! After she read the note she knew and her groom got down on knee and popped the big question. Of course she said yes! This photo froze that moment in time. After the initial shock was gone they had their first big celebratory kiss. Photographing proposals in such an honor. Photographers really have to be ready for anything especially when it comes to weddings. But when a photographer is trusted to capture a proposal you seriously cannot get that wrong. Not only that but you need to stay hidden! It is tricky and challenging but 100% worth it to get the beautiful and sentimental images that couples will treasure forever. 

Location: Belmar, NJ.