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Romantic Belmar Beach Proposal

The morning started out a bit cloudy but sunny skies thankfully took over. The groom-to-be had every romantic detail meticulously planned out. Andrew and Lindsay, like out of a storybook, love walks on the beach while searching for sea glass. When Andrew asked Lindsay to take a walk on this particular morning she didn't suspect anything. She had no idea that a photographer was waiting and had already planted a bottle in the sand. The bottle was the first bottle of wine they shared together and inside was a note from Andrew. The fabulous couple strolled along the beach in Belmar, New Jersey and luckily even found some sea glass. As Lindsay and Andrew approached I gave them some space but Lindsay kept thinking they were getting in the way of a photographer! Little did she know, she was the main subject. After she uncovered the bottle in the sand and pulled out the note she knew exactly what was going on. Andrew got done on one knee and popped the question. Of course Lindsay said yes! Who could say no to such a romantic proposal? This photo is one of my favorites from the proposal. It shows the true emotion, joy, and shock on Lindsay's face. 

Location: Belmar, NJ.