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Bridal Portrait at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia

On a rainy day in the city this fabulous bride married her groom at St. John the Evangelist in Philadelphia. Her and her bridesmaids all prepared for the day in style in their Ritz Carlton suite. The majority of her portraits were taken by the bedroom window with an amazing view of city hall just outside. This photo technically could have been taken anywhere. The background is unremarkable and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a poorly styled hotel room and the room we were actually in. The reason I find the photo of this bride so beautiful is its simplicity. The background sort of falls off into the darkness with just the perfect amount of light on the bride. Her hair is sleek and flawless. The cathedral length veil is framing her face beautifully. The simplicity  of her dress allows the drama of the veil to really make an impact. I also love portraits when the subject is not facing the camera. As a Philadelphia wedding photographer I tend to use the surrounding architecture in most of my photos but sometimes you need to block out your surroundings and focus on the most beautiful thing in the room and while this room was beautiful, I wanted the focus on our bride.

Location: 10 Ave Of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19102.