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Cafe Madison New Jersey wedding

The theme of this Cafe Madison New Jersey wedding was vintage romance. The black and white version of this photos compliments the vintage feel of the wedding and nothing is more romantic then this embrace! You would never guess how anxious the bride and groom were to get over to their cocktail hour and start partying! This was actually one of the last photos we took before heading to the cocktail hour so I was extremely happy with what we were able to capture in these last few minutes. This spring wedding in South Jersey was held at Cafe Madison. A common misconception with photographers is that there is nowhere near Cafe Madison to photograph the couple and bridal party. That couldn't be further from the truth as the Delaware River is just a short drive away. We stopped at the Zurbrugg Mansion for these photos and were able to get some great photos along the river as well as near the mansion. The mansion provided some architecture to make the photos interesting and to give variety to the bride and groom. This time of the the day was a bit cloudy which I don't love but it does provide soft lighting. I normally try to head right for the sun to create dramatic photos. My main goal as a photographer is to photograph what I see. If the day is cloudy the photos will have soft lighting. If the wedding day is sunny, you will see that golden and dramatic sun in the photos. 

Location: Riverside, NJ.