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Cafe Madison Wedding South Jersey

Cafe Madison is one of the few great places to get married around the Riverside area in South Jersey. It's location may cause it to be overlooked but this restaurant is perfect for your wedding venue. As a South Jersey wedding photographer it can be difficult to find the perfect location for portraits when your clients are having their ceremony or reception at Cafe Madison. Most people want to have pictures taken along the river but to be honest, the river can be such an odd location for photos. Not only is it usually much windier than other spots but it if often gray and not very photogenic. On cloudy days the river doesn't do much to help make gorgeous images. I know many local photographers feel the same way when working at Cafe Madison but there is a little gem nearby that provides an awesome backdrop for photos! This riverfront spot gives brides the option of using the water as a background but also provides structure, this amazing tree, and a few other pockets of amazing things to work with. It definitely turned this overcast portrait session into something much more photogenic. Our bride and groom didn't want to spend a lot of time on pictures and instead wanted to enjoy their cocktail hour. At this spot we were able to use a few different areas all within walking distance and complete their portraits in about twenty minutes! That made for a happy groom! If you are searching for a venue in South Jersey, don't overlook Cafe Madison. The venue itself is gorgeous and you can have portraits done very close by. 

Location: 33 Lafayette St, Riverside, NJ 08075.