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Classic Bridesmaid Photo at Spring Mill Manor

I love this classic bridesmaid photo at a Spring Mill Manor wedding in Bucks County, PA. Spring Mill Manor is located in Ivyland and the venue is beautiful. The entryway has a stunning double staircase that will lead you to the bridal suite on the second floor. The bottom floor has the ballrooms - there are multiple so that more than one wedding can be happening at the same time. Spring Mill Manor is like most golf courses and country clubs in that we could have used the grounds for photos. Unfortunately this wedding day had rain off and on. Most of the couple's portraits and bridal party portraits were taken under an awning by the entryway. When it cleared up a little bit we were able to come out from under the awning to use a little bit more of the building as a backdrop. The royal blue bridesmaid gowns added the perfect pop of color to a dreary November wedding. I love that the bride chose simple, clean, white bouquets to balance the brightness of the bridesmaid's gowns. The colors and textures are just perfect and were unique to the couple's fall wedding.

Location: 171 Jacksonville Rd, Ivyland, PA 18974.