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Crystal Tea Room Indian Wedding Reception

Noreen Turner Photography beautifully captured this traditional Indian wedding reception at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia. The Crystal Tea Room is located inside the Wanamaker Building and the events are run by Finley Catering. This elegant wedding reception was the end result of two days of parties and events celebrating the bride and groom and their Hindu traditions. The best was definitely saved for last. Our maharani wore a traditional sari and her groom matched in a clean and classic suit. Guests dined on traditional Indian food family style made possibly by the custom mahogany lazy susan on each table. The mahogany lazy susan complimented the classic woodwork inside the Crystal Tea Room's sophisticated ball room. This photo was taken after the bride and groom made their grand entrance into the reception, just before their first dance. This was the first time guests saw our gorgeous bride in her new sari worn just for the reception. The bride and groom changed from their ceremony clothes into their reception clothes after a light lunch and portrait session through the city. You can feel the warmth in the room and the joy surrounding the newlyweds in this joyful photo. This is a small representation of the happiness shared between the couple and the beautiful venue they in which they celebrated. 

Location: 100 East Penn Square, Philadelphia, PA 19107.