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Delaware river bridal portrait Cafe Madison Wedding

I have heard so many times that people have issues finding photo locations near Cafe Madison! I haven't had any issues in my times working there. At one wedding we did just have to make good use of the parking lot since we were dodging the rain however, this small pocket of South Jersey has a lot of great photo locations. Also, any great photographer knows that it isn't always the location that makes the photo. The light and use of your subjects is really what contributes to a great picture. This bridal portrait was taken along the Delaware River prior to the couple's Cafe Madison wedding reception. The bride and groom were married at Saint Charles in Cinnaminson then proceeded to the riverfront area only a few minutes from the venue. We were able to work alongside the river and also near some buildings. This photo was actually taken in a parking lot but since I photographed the couple close up and have the veil blocking much of the background, you would never be able to tell where we really were. In fact, many photos from this day were taken right near the parking lot! For formal wedding day portraits you don't need to stress out about finding a gorgeous location with barns or beautiful buildings. You really just need a happy couple and some decent light.

Location: 33 Lafayette Street, Riverside, NJ 08075.