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Engagement rings Springdale Golf Club wedding

I love photographing the bride and groom's rings even though I'm sure these photos are never printed, framed, or displayed anywhere. There is a time in every reception where guests are either eating or they have been dancing for awhile and they are tired of being photographed. At this point I love to grab the bride and groom's rings and set up a mini backdrop.  This photo is of the engagement and wedding rings on top of the custom golf ball favors at  their Springdale Golf Club wedding in Princeton, New Jersey. We tried a few different photos of the rings including something simple and plain, something fall inspired for their October wedding, and then ultimately settled on this as my favorite. The photo is still simple which is something that I always strive for, but it also gives the viewer  insight into the couple.  They obviously love golf and it has a special meaning to them. Photographing the rings gives me a quiet moment to be creative while also giving guests and the bride and groom time to eat or dance freely. This wedding was my first  time at Springdale Golf Club and I hope it won't be the last. The venue is  beautiful and the back patio gives a gorgeous view of the sunset and Princeton University. 

Location: Princeton, NJ .