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Formal wedding portrait Princeton University

Family portraits seem to have gotten a bad reputation. They are often viewed as bothersome and boring. However, after having been married for 10 years now I have noticed that some of the most important photos from my wedding are the formal family photos. As a matter of fact, most of the framed photos from my wedding include a few of the family portraits. This formal family wedding portrait was taken at Princeton University prior to the couple's Springdale Gold Club reception nearby. We took a few family photos at the church immediately following the ceremony but I was so excited that we were able to take a few more outside on Princeton's campus. I love the clean natural light, the sun coming through the trees, the nature, and the architecture. This was the first wedding I photographed in Princeton, New Jersey. I specialize in city and Philadelphia weddings but from time to time I am brought out of my comfort zone where I photograph farm and suburban weddings. All have been gorgeous celebrations! I hope that I have the opportunity to return to Princeton, NJ for more weddings. The town is quaint, clean and photogenic and the university offers so many great backdrops for photos. 

Location: Princeton, NJ.