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Mother of the groom during the puja

Of all of the events leading up to the ceremony and final reception for this Philadelphia Indian wedding, the puja was actually one of my favorites which actually is no surprise to me. I love the big ballrooms and everything that comes along with a huge celebration but the events that make the celebration what it is are the most important to me. The groom's puja was held in the couple's home in Philadelphia. I arrived at the puja after photographing the mendhi ceremony nearby. The traditional Hindu puja was for the close relatives of the groom and then five married women from the bride's side arrive towards the end for more traditional events. Not only is the puja a meaningful ceremony for brides and grooms but it is also colorful which makes my photographer heart happy! I love this photo of the groom's mother taken during the puja. Coming from a Catholic background I didn't know every detail of what was happening but I have an appreciation for the prayer and participation of the parents. You know in this photo that they are participating in a religious ceremony but you might not know exactly what is happening. You can also guess that it is important judging by the clothing that the mother of the groom is wearing. The bright colors and details really make this photo aesthetically pleasing while also hinting that something serene and important is happening here.

Location: Philadelphia, PA.