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Skybox Philadelphia Wedding

Indian weddings are full of vibrant color, amazing food, and extremely upbeat music. I have also never seen the amount of dancing that happens at an Indian wedding, at any American wedding reception. I love this photo because you can see the dohl, which is the drummer, in the foreground of the image which gives you the sense that there is live music happening. I also love the colors in this photo. Color is a huge part of an Indian wedding - they are anything but drab. This sangeet was held at the Skybox in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. The venue has an industrial feel to it and a neutrality that can be altered for any wedding style. The purple tones in the uplighting complement the purple in the dohl's attire and the crowd is dressed in gorgeous clothing with great color. Of course we can't ignore the the fact that the gentleman dancing in this photo has great moves as well, which is a major reason why I love this photo. The sangeet was held the night before the bride and groom's ceremony and reception, and after a day of ceremonies and events such as the mendhi and puja.

Location: 2424 York Street #231, Philadelphia, PA 19125.