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South Jersey Wedding Photography at Cafe Madison

This South Jersey wedding at the Cafe Madison in Riverside, NJ still remains as one of my favorites. The bride and groom were so sweet and a true pleasure to be around. Their personalities were amazing and they were emotional, heartfelt and a joy all day long. Their vows to each other were my favorite part of the day, with the toasts coming in close second. I love wedding day toasts and hearing what the bride and groom's closest friends and family have to say. I especially love the embarrassing stories! I wish I could remember the exact story behind this photo but the fact that the best man had props for his speech made these toasts the clear winner! The best man came prepared with this mustaches, toilet paper, and even a few cocktails. Each of those elements helped tell the story of our beautiful bride and groom. And clearly the best man had everyone laughing with his toast! Wedding photography is truly a special job. Some people might not think much of it and probably think its easy and glamorous. Some times it is but often times, it isn't. That isn't what matters though. Wedding photography is an awesome career because you have a first row seat to meet new people and learn so much about them. Learning about my couples is my favorite part of making a photo.

Location: 33 Lafayette St, Riverside, NJ 08075.